Over the next few blog posts, we want to introduce you to our wedding party! Picking the people to stand beside us on our wedding day was pretty much a no brainer, starting with these two. Meet our best man, J.T. Landry, and our best woman, Lindsey Rueter. And we truly mean, OUR. Rather than representing one of us, we truly view our wedding party as an extension of BOTH of us.


Name: J.T. Landry

Occupation: Education, HealthTrust

Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA

How You Met Nathan/Justin: I first met Justin in December 2007, when mutual friends were putting together a group to go see White Christmas at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center. We bonded during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade the next year - as all guys do, right? - and our friendship was locked in for life. The rest is history. We have celebrated each other's triumphs and walked each other through valleys. Justin is my best friend. He is the brother I never had. He's my emergency contact, for pete's sake. I love him even more than I love Mariah Carey. 

I met Nathan on the first day of rehearsal for 9 to 5. Nathan is one of those people who instantly make a great first impression - warm, open and kind - and I hoped we would become friends. Spoiler alert: we did. He has quickly become indispensable in my life, and I love how happy he makes Justin.

What You're Most Excited About For The Wedding: Shutting it down in a sharply tailored tux, celebrating Justin & Nathan's love and happiness and dancing the night away with people I love whose dance skills/low levels of concern if they don't have dance skills but dance anyway are strong

If You Could Sing One Song At The Reception, What Would It Be And Why? An epic 23-minute megamix of Mariah Carey's greatest love ballads of course

You're The Best Man. What Job Will You Be Best At Doing During The Wedding? Crying. No, but seriously, I secretly enjoy public speaking and I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so I'm planning on preparing the last word in Best Man toasts. Also, I will not drop the ring during the ceremony.

NOTE FROM JUSTIN: After I met Nathan, but before we started dating, there was a brief moment of being single where I thought, "You know what, let's try a dating app." I signed up for OK Cupid hoping to at the very least expand my social circle and meet some new friends. I spent hours filling out the profile and answering all the questions about my likes and dislikes. I hit the "find matches" button and eagerly awaited the results. My top two matches - JT and Nathan. So much for expanding the circle. However, it was further proof to me why JT is my best friend. He knows where the bodies are buried. He knows the good, he knows the bad. He knows my strengths, he knows my weaknesses and is always there to take me down a notch or encourage me on when I need it. We're not biologically related, but I can't imagine loving a brother more than I do JT. There's no else I'd rather stand beside me on wedding day as best man.


Name: Lindsey Michelle Rueter

Occupation: Opera Singer

Hometown: Sachse, TX

How You Met Nathan/Justin: Although Nathan and I attended Belmont University at different times, we met through mutual musically inclined Belmont friends in the spring of 2011. We bonded over shenanigans at “Show Tune Sundays” and quickly became friends. Nathan and I had a fun summer together before he traveled to Philadelphia, PA for a year to do his clinical residency for his specialist certification, no big deal, gosh my bestie is one smart guy! But all was not lost, we reunited a year later and became even closer after swapping stories of our past relationships over margaritas. The rest is history and now we are best friends for life. 

Fast forward a few years later to 2014 when Nathan texted as he was getting ready for his 1st date with Justin. I got a slew of texts with outfit combinations up for debate. We decided what was most appropriate for having dinner at Josephine's in 12th south and he was on his way. Later into the evening I received a text and a call. This "post-date bestie call" was on a whole new level from anything that came before it. Truer words were never spoken about a person than what he shared with me that night after their 1st date. "He is so kind and genuine… he is one of the good ones”, Nathan said. From the first time I met Justin, I knew there was a genuine heartfelt connection.  I felt like not only had Nathan found "the one" but that I had also gained a wonderful, charming, and kind friend. I am so grateful for Nathan and Justin not only as my dear friends and chosen family; but grateful for them to have found in each other such a perfect match. #LoveWins 

What You're Most Excited About For The Wedding: I am just so beyond excited to be a part of this chosen family and to enjoy and honor the most amazing love, friendship and partnership that Justin and Nathan share! I am also excited to wear heels for days and stand beside my best friend in a simply smashing gown. A girl has to show up in her finest couture. I mean it is a party right? 

If You Could Sing One Song At The Reception, What Would It Be And Why? "At Last" by Etta James...this opera singer has some tricks up her sleeve! ;-)

You're The Best Woman. What Job Will You Be Best At Doing During The Wedding? I am the organization queen! I will be best at keeping on top of those to-do list and schedules. Anything I can do, so Nathan can just focus on enjoying the special day, I’ll do it! Big or small, if it is a task that needs handling, I'm your girl!

NOTE FROM NATHAN: Lindsey has been there through it all. The memories are endless…we’ve spent days simply relaxing by the pool, attending weddings together as dates when we were date-less, and playing dress up for fun halloween nights on the town. Lindsey also really knows best how to “talk me off a ledge” on those stressed-out days. Case in point —one particular fall evening I was in quite a mood and Lindsey suggested we meet at the mall for her to pick up a few items she needed. We talked our way through about 100 stores and by the end of the night all was calm. I asked her a few weeks later why we walked out empty handed that night? She replied “Oh I really didn't need anything — but YOU did.” I really did need my best friend that night. Lindsey I love you and am so grateful to have you in my life. There’s no one else I'd rather have as best woman standing by my side on wedding day!