Act 3: Mix Tape
This was the early phase of our relationship when we wondered things like “Does he really like me?", "I wonder if he'll text me during lunch today" or "I wonder if he's thinking about me right now." After my Spotify lesson, Justin made me a playlist. I remember sitting at work listening to that "Songs for N" playlist and knowing the answer to these questions. Let me paint a picture for you using only song titles from this playlist..."Somebody", "Hold My Heart", "Let Me Love You", "Just the Way You Are", "I Want You", "On Top of the World", "All Your Life", "Right as Rain", "Crazy Ever After"...the list went on and on. Needless to say, I was seriously blushing at work and got the message - loud and clear, making me smile ear to ear. I was smiling so big people were starting to notice. People taking notice wasn’t a bad thing, but I wanted to make sure this relationship was for real before telling my friends and co-workers. I was super guarded in the beginning, which looking back I think it was healthy as one is getting to know someone so closely.

It wasn’t long before I found myself making a "Songs for J" playlist and telling everyone about it.  I wanted everybody to know the who and why behind my blush. This was my message to Justin in song titles..."This Moment", "Run to You", "Love Me Good", "Just Can’t Get Enough", "Whatever It Takes", "I Wanna Be With You", "You Know Where to Find Me", "Love Me Harder", "Every Heartbeat." I wanted him to know that our feelings were mutual. I found myself wanting to say the words - just three little words.


Act 4: Three Words
I knew I wanted the delivery of these three words to be intentional, historic, poetic, and romantic. I also knew that I would be nervous and didn’t want to chicken out at the last minute. So I intentionally wrote them down in a card - a card dated November 12, 2014. A day that would go down in our history book of love. The card read “Your Hugs, Your Smile, Your Kisses, Your Laughter...are just a few of the things that make me so happy!” Then, with as much Shakespeare as I could find, I wrote these words inside:

I love the way you laugh at/with me.
I love how you listen with purpose and truly care.
I love your smile morning, noon, and night.
I love the gentle kisses we share and our firm embraces that seem to last for an hour.
I love that our first dance was to the Love Theme from Flashdance
and I love how you try to dance so sweetly....
most of all I LOVE YOU."

On the night I planned to give him this card, Justin had gone to work out that night and we met for dinner afterwards at Zoe's Kitchen. I will never forget that moment he read the card and looked up at me and I said, "Well, I do, I LOVE YOU and I wanted you to know OFFICIALLY." Oh, and in case you were wondering, he said it right back! For me, from that moment on there was no more wondering “Does He Love You?” It was official - we were in love.